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AONCLaura González
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Social communicator

“This powerful accompaniment allowed me to face from the root the limitations that had blocked my personal growth. As my Coach, Álvaro guided and accompanied me to make my light shine without fear and to be the one I proposed myself at the beginning of the process: an active and fulfilled woman. "

profesional masculino



“Through the process with AONC I have achieved excellent results: I have had a great transformation with my partner and as a father; One of the most important things is that for a long time I did not feel comfortable with what I was doing and through this process I managed to find the way to my independence - now I am an independent entrepreneur - with great confidence in what I do; I love what I do, I feel calm and I see a great opportunity in my new role "


Oral Communication Coach

“Before the PSYCH-K® sessions with Alvaro Muñoz, I was blocked by a trauma in my history as an entrepreneur that for several years of trying I could not overcome and in a matter of 5 minutes I finally felt peace regarding that issue and I regained confidence and hope. I also gained more clarity of what my life mission is as well as the transcendental purpose of everything that I have lived. I think it was a great boost during the beginning of the new stage of entrepreneurship that I was developing then. I feel very happy now and also in areas such as sentimental and family. His way of conducting the sessions and his intuition guide you to the root cause of what you are experiencing, beyond the illusory justifications or superficial causes. I recommend Álvaro for his professionalism, extensive knowledge of the human psyche, for his spirit of continuous improvement and learning, and also for his generosity in sharing much of what he knows for our personal evolution. "

Mujer feliz



Personal Image Coach

“The Immunity to Change coaching carried out with Álvaro was quite revealing for me: it allowed me to understand that even though I did not consider myself a controlling person, if I wanted to be in control of everything; I understood that the fear of losing control was what really paralyzed me because losing control was like losing everything. I understood that I may not have control and that I cannot always have it and I also understood that nothing will happen if I do not have it; I was able to loosen up little by little and stop feeling that paralysis; I have been able to flow with life and let go of the attachment to the result understanding that what I must do is what really corresponds to me, which is to take action and let things happen in the appropriate way. Now I do my part which is to take action and let the results happen. "


Citibank Commercial Executive

“My experience working Structural Constellations and Systemic Coaching with Alvaro has been very enriching: in a very short time I have resolved family and personal issues that impeded my free development; I feel happier, calmer and lighter…. It has been a wonderful experience."

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