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Passionate about inspiring others

I like to support people to change their life so that they are healthier, happier and more successful; I do it by integrating methods, tools and techniques from neuroscience, in processes that produce fast, deep and lasting results.

I have been studying, evaluating and integrating the best personal development techniques and processes that lead to effective and lasting results for more than twenty years.

My professional training is as a Mechanical Engineer, I am also a Specialist in Business Administration and an MBA in Strategic Leadership; I have sixteen years of experience in the organizational world, especially in the automotive industry. In 2014 after a crisis of personal purpose, I left my job in the corporate business world to dedicate myself to helping people and organizations become happier and more fulfilled. I am also a consultant in corporate leadership, professor in university degrees and co-creator of the LEADERUM program for organizational leaders at the tactical level.

My formation
  • AONC Master Neurofacilitator

  • Transformational Master Coach

  • Sales Coach

  • Diploma in NLP Skills

  • Structural Constellator

  • Facilitator PSYCH-K

  • The One Command Executive Success Coach & Trainer

  • Access Bars Practitioner

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Business Administration Specialist
  • Master in Strategic Leadership
  • Certified PDA Analyst

  • Immunity To Change

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